New Community Planning toolkit and guidance by Worcestershire Archive and Archaeology Service and Historic England

  • 28th February 2017

Your Place Matters

All rural places and buildings are a re?ection of how people have lived, worked, thought and related to each other throughout history. Rural settlement is at the core of our everyday lives and provides a base from which we view and experience the wider landscape. The villages, hamlets, farmsteads, and houses that we call home, connect us to each other and to our shared sense of history.

Understanding the series of changes that have created a place over time, can inspire and guide future changes, including the scale, style, form and location of new development, as well as opportunities presented by the natural and historic environment.

Your Place Matters: Community Planning Toolkit for the Future of Rural Buildings and their Setting is a new toolkit by Worcestershire County Council and Historic England. It focuses on what buildings tell us about places and can support Community-Led planning, including Neighbourhood Plans, by offering a framework to inform the location and character of new development in rural areas, based on an understanding of place, as the result of past change.  It can also be used by those undertaking research into individual areas.

This toolkit is supported by a guidance document Your Place  Matters: A Guide to Understanding Buildings and their Setting in Rural Worcestershire. This complementary document provides detailed information on the broad range of rural building types and their settings within their settlement and wider landscape.

The toolkit can be found at

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