Worcestershire Archaeological Society Talks

  • 5th October 2018

Members of our staff are speaking at the next four Worcestershire Archaeological Society’s evening talks, explaining about some of the projects and work we have been running.


Monday 8 October

The Broad View: Investigations on the Broadway Flood Alleviation Scheme

Richard Bradley

Over the course of several months a team of archaeologists carried out an extensive excavation over a wide area in advance of work on a flood alleviation scheme. The large area which was opening enabled an 8,000 year old story to be uncovered, showing the story of a settlement from prehistoric times onwards.

Aerial view of part of the site of Broadway, with some of the archaeological features showing. (c) Aerial Cam


Monday 29 October

Palfrey: The Man, The Collection and the Conservation

Rhonda Niven

Alderman Palfrey was one of the main instigators in the creation of Worcestershire Record Office back in 1947, but he was also a keen historian and collector himself, amassing a great collection of books and documents relating to Worcestershire. This collection was passed to the archives where it is a well used collection today. Rhonda will explain about what we know about Alderman Palfrey, his collection, and the work she has been doing conserving the books.

Secret edge painting on book in Palfrey Collection


Monday 19 November

The Giant Wombat in the Basement and Other Stories: Worcester’s Antiquarian Trailblazers

Rob Hedge

As part of the Lost Landscapes project, investigating Ice Age Worcestershire, we looked into some of the pioneering local researchers and collectors of Ice Age archaeology. We also delved into the museum collections to see what they held from this period. During this some interesting and surprising stories emerged, as well as some interesting characters.


Monday 10 December

Arthur Henry Whinfield: Lantern Slide Enthusiast, Churchman, Organ Builder. A Centenary Reflection on his Worcester Life

Justin Hughes, with Tim Bridges (Worcs & Dudley Historic Churches Trust)

One hundred years ago an amazing collection of glass slides was donated to the Church House Trust, and later deposited in the archives with WAAS. They were taken by Arthur Henry Whinfield, a Claines man. The slides include sites from all round the world, which he used as part of his public presentations, as well as astronomy, hymn words for use in church, and religious scenes. He was very interested in architecture, especially church architecture, and in this talk we’ll look at some of his slides on this subject, with the help of Tim Bridges.

Slide of Huddington Church

Talks take place at Royal Grammar School’s Lecture Theatre, entrance from Little London, starting at 7:30pm. If you are not a member then you are very welcome to come along as a guest, with a £2 charge per meeting.

For more information about Worcestershire Archaeological Society please visit their website.

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