End of the Arthur Henry Whinfield Project

  • 24th April 2019


Over the past year we have shared with you the Arthur Henry Whinfield centenary project where we conserved, catalogued, digitised and then made available the 2,100 glass slides in the collection donated to the Worcester Diocesan Church House Trust by his widow, Laura Jane Curtler, in March 1918. The project was kindly funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund.


The collection, combining photographs which he took himself, and those he collected commercially, were used in slide presentation evenings around the county. We’ve sought to follow in Whinfield’s footsteps and share them too, from recreating his magic lantern shows, projecting them onto The Hive building and the city wall; , displaying selections of his images in the windows of the former Netherton’s iron works opposite The Hive; with school workshops and much more.

Claines Church


The project has now come to an end but there are ways you can enjoy the results. We have assembled a 48 page Zine containing selected images, alongside research we carried out about him.

 Films of the magic lantern slide evening, Around the World, have also been put up online to view. Round the World (Act 1) and The World (Act 2)

All the glass slides in the collection have been uploaded onto Lucerna, a worldwide digital repository of magic lantern slides. We know that some of the world wide ones have been of great interest to local archives so this website will make them accessible to them and to anyone who want to view them.

The cabinet of glass slides

Thank you to HLF for the funding to allow this to happen, and to Redhawk Logistica for inspired curation of the varied and creative arts programme.

Huddington Church before restoration. Glass slide taken by Whinfield 1899


Slide projection by The Hive cafe


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