Worcestershire Farmsteads Project

  • 12th June 2020


Since 2009, Worcestershire County Council has been working with English Heritage (now Historic England) to characterise historic farmsteads in the county. Taking this forward to a more in-depth level, the Worcestershire Farmsteads Project was established in 2017: the project is volunteer-driven with individuals carrying out building recording, photography and historical research. Our purpose is to record all of the buildings which make up individual farms and to research their history, providing a record of the farm for the future.

To date, we have recorded 21 farms across the county: a series of reports has been prepared which describe the buildings on each farm and summarises the research undertaken to provide a history of each farm. This tells us about who has owned the farm, who the farmers have been, what livestock they kept and the crops they grew, as well as the size of the farm.

All of these reports can be accessed in the Original Archives held at the Hive (BA16101 series) and the information has also been added to the county’s Historic Environment Record (HER), ensuring that a record is preserved for the future. Many thanks to the team of volunteers who make the project possible!

Hop kiln and threshing barn

Hop kiln and other farm buildings recorded at Martley (left) and a threshing barn in Drakes Broughton (right). Photo credit: Andy Webb

Brick stables and waggon house

Stable block in Charlton (left) and waggon house in Wichenford (right) recorded by the Worcestershire Farmsteads Project. Photo credit: Alan Wadsworth

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