The History Centre has moved to The Hive

  • 8th May 2012

The removal men arrived on Monday morning, and just over twenty four hours later everything from the History Centre had been moved to The Hive. Staff are now settling into the new building and finding their way around. There is still lots of work to do before we open but it is nice to finally be all together in one place!

All of the History Centre was packed up into crates ready to go:

The removal company then did a very speedy job of getting it across to The Hive:

The History Centre looked very different once emptied:

It was sad to see the end of an era when we left the History Centre for the last time, but we are looking forward to seeing customers old and new when The Hive opens on 2nd July.

One response to “The History Centre has moved to The Hive”

  1. Roger Leake says:

    Will see you at The Hive!

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