Cathedral Square – Exhibition Boards

  • 27th November 2015

Have you spotted the new hoardings by the Cathedral Square? Whilst the multi million pound redevelopment is going on at the Cathedral Plaza boards have been erected to protect the development site, and artwork has added.

Worcester City Council and the University of Worcester asked us to work with them to produce exhibition panels to go on the boards, highlighting relevant themes. We searched through our collection of over 100,000 photos to find ones which would be suitable for November-December. The area would be witnessing the Remembrance Day commemorations and the Victorian Christmas Fayre so we were asked to find images relating to WWI, Christmas and old photos of Worcester.

We hope you enjoy seeing them if you are down near the Elgar statue. We’ve already had people contact us saying they’ve had a good look at them. Over the coming weeks we’ll feature a few of the images we’ve chosen on the blog and Instagram along with some background information about them.

One response to “Cathedral Square – Exhibition Boards”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Really enjoyed looking at your boards. They are an enhancement to the project.