Exploring Local History with children – A homework guide for children studying local history

  • 14th December 2018

Over the years wehave been asked, by parents, about what we hold that can be of assistance to children conducting local history research as part of a school project. This resource is created in response to these enquiries and is adapted from one of our publications, created for teachers, to help children answer the question ‘What was it like to live here in the past?’

The aim of this this resource is not only to give the children an understanding of their local area and appreciation of its history and diversity, but also to develop the children’s research skills.


There are a number of published histories of the County but for many places the story of its past is yet to be written.

Where no written history exists the children will find themselves constructing a picture of the past by using an assortment of primary sources.


This leaflet suggests resources to be used and provides a series of structured questions that can help the children fully explore the available evidence.


It is available to download for free from our website

Customers and staff viewing original archives at The Hive

The photograph shows the members of a Worcester family whose interest in the history of their area was sparked by some objects that they unearthed in their garden. They came into The Hive to look at maps, planning applications and censuses to construct a picture of what the area developed and who lived in their home in the past.


This is an account that the children wrote of their visit to The Hive.


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