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  • 23rd March 2020

A couple of years ago we ran Lost Landscapes, a project on Ice Age Worcestershire, along with Museums Worcestershire. Funded by National Lottery Heritage Fund and Arts Council England we drew together research and information on half a million years of history, from the time our first ancestors arrived until the end of the last Ice Age 10,000 years ago. We then celebrated and shared this through major exhibitions in Worcester Art Gallery and Museum, public talks, art installations, children’s activities and a website.

Over 500,000 years there were many changes in climate and habitats with humans coming and going as conditions altered. Once, woolly mammoths roamed the icy tundra and in another, prehistoric lions hunted in the grasslands beneath Bredon Hill.

As part of the legacy we created resources which teachers can use. They also be of interest to parents to use with their children at home.

Creature Feature!

What creatures lived in Worcestershire in the past? Did Hippos, Wild Cats, Mammoths and Rhinos really roam around here? Find out more about some of these creatures in the booklet and when/where they lived. What is your favourite?

Ice Age Worcestershire

12 page booklet about the period and how we know what we know. Who were the scientists who can tell us about what happened in the past and what techniques did they use? And who were different species of people who lived in Worcestershire?

Browse the Ice Age Website too and read about the people and animals of the Ice Age and how we know what we do.

BBC Bitesize

Check out these resources on prehistory on the BBC website.


Once we are back to normal after social isolation is over and can resume school visits we can come out to schools to run Prehistory workshops. Using reconstruction drawings, replica tools and 12 metre timeline we investigate the past, and we can also have a go at whittling sticks using flints. Get in touch for more details.

Children putting reconstruction drawings in order

Some of the replica items we take out, including exact 3D replicas of hand axes found in Worcestershire

The 10m timeline starts to get unrolled

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